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Project Value for Money

Snakebite is a significant health, social and economic problem for Myanmar, currently compounded by inadequate local antivenom production, less than optimum public health and health system response, resulting in the need to purchase antivenom from other countries at significant expense and with suboptimal clinical efficacy. By taking a whole-of-system approach, this project will resolve a diversity of problems from production and distribution, through clinical treatment, to prevention, utilising leading experts who will be providing their time mostly outside of project funding, thus providing substantial in-kind contribution. This will be matched by similar substantial in-kind contribution from Myanmar.

In the process, the project will establish methodologies and local infrastructure realignment to allow sustainable improvement in whole-of-system management of snakebites, delivering better outcomes for snakebite patients. The emphasis is on skills transfer, skills training & sustainability beyond 3 years.

The benefits from this project will be nationwide in scope when adequate quantities of better quality antivenom can be distributed across the nation according to need. When combined with improved training of rural healthcare workers in managing snakebites, improved system responsiveness & community participation frameworks, the integrated approach utilised by this project in selected townships can be subsequently applied by the Ministries of Industry and Health progressively across the nation. The project will therefore deliver sustainable outcomes that will strengthen the Myanmar health infrastructure.