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Non-front fanged Colubroid Snakes

Family: Natricidae

The following includes only those species which are likely to be able to cause medically significant envenoming.

Rhabdophis subminiatus

Red-necked keelback

This is one of 2 species of Rhabdophis spp. which have caused severe and potentially lethal envenoming of humans, characterised by fibrinogen consumptive coagulopathy and systemic haemorrhagic disease.

The only antivenom available is raised against a related species in Japan and is generally difficult to obtain.

It is unclear how many humans are bitten by this snake, or how many develop significant envenoming, but it is likely only a small number.

A number of other Rhabdophis spp. occur in Myanmar, but it is unknown if any of these have the ability to significantly envenom humans and there are no case reports to support such a capacity.