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Front fanged Elapid Snakes

Family: Elapidae

The following includes only those species which are likely to be able to cause medically significant envenoming.

Sea snakes

Several genera and species are present in the coastal waters of Myanmar. Sea snakes can cause severe/lethal envenoming in humans, characterised by either flaccid paralysis (post-synaptic type), or systemic rhabdomyolysis, occasionally both types of envenoming together.

It is currently unclear how frequent or severe sea snake envenoming may be in Myanmar waters. Trends elsewhere in the Asian region, with more modern fishing methods, may indicate a decreasing frequency for sea snake bites.

Significant envenoming requires specific antivenom treatment using a sea snake antivenom raised against Enhydrina (Hydrophis) schistosa venom and made in Australia, but effective against possibly all medically important sea snake venoms worldwide.